Tatar newspapers and magazines for Tatar rural libraries

January 2022

“Hanim” is a European women’s organization that brings Tatar culture closer. Through the representative of the organization, who was born in Aktanysh, we learned that the Tatar press in the villages was constantly waiting, reading hand in hand, and worried if the newspapers and magazines were no longer available. Given the limited financial means of small Tatar villages in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Siberia to subscribe to Tatar newspapers and magazines, we announced a new campaign in which any woman who wants and can participate can donate one or two village libraries to “Suyumbike ”, “Kazan-Utlary”, “Yalkyn”, “Sabantui” and “Salavat Kupere” send magazines or Tatar newspapers. Each list is compiled based on the needs of the library.

The main goal of our project is, above all, to make us feel closer to our homeland. So far, women from Germany, the Czech Republic and Kazan have expressed their desire to take part in the campaign. Secondly, we want to increase the attention of the Tatar and national press. Thirdly, we believe that if we read more Tatar magazines and newspapers, the situation of the Tatar language will be a little better. Fourth, in short, this is a New Year’s gift for our villages! Of course, this joint work connects us and brings positive feelings for ourselves and for the people around us.




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