Tatar dictation 2021 (Online)

September 2021

In an age of so much information and so much awareness, we had the opportunity to come together. We were able to devote our lives and attention to our own language and each other for an hour. We hastily listened to the sounds of the Tatar language, wrote diligently and entered the world of Tatar words. We imagined “cute girls jumping on the train” and “stupid guys who put their bells in the air”.

So wrote Kasan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Yoshkar-Ola, Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Würzburg, Augsburg together. Our association “Hanim” was the main organizer. The dictation was written not only by Tatars but also by Germans, in Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic script. The participants were between 13 and 70 years old. Among the participants who wrote the dictation were doctors, professors, teachers, creative minds, and economists.

When the dictation was over, we stayed and sang Tatar songs and talked happily. Many thanks to all participants and organizers! Our hearts floated, our souls warmed.

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