Quest Altin
Cooperation with students from Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria etc.

March 2018


A special “quest” event took place in March 2018, initiated by Tatar and Turkic-speaking students in Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany and other countries. In each country several groups took part in this event. In their respective cities they had to complete certain tasks with their respective group, solve puzzles and find clues which were hidden and attached in advance in the respective city. In Frankfurt, for example, there were hidden clues in the city centre at the Alte Oper and Goetheplatz, among other places, which enabled the group to progress step by step. In the process, tasks had to be completed, e.g. mime a picture of a Tatar theatre ensemble, and solve puzzles related to the Tatar language and culture. At the end of the day, all groups had completed the “quest”, some were faster and had collected more points, but the fun was in the foreground, which was particularly pronounced in this task, also known in Germany as “paper chase”.

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