German-Tatar Festival of Culture - "Music, Poetry & Film"
Cooperation with the Frankfurt Music School and the AMKA Frankfurt

October 2019


In cooperation with the Music School Frankfurt am Main, Schirn am Römerberg, and the Office for Multicultural Affairs Frankfurt, the “German-Tatarian Festival of Culture – Music, Poetry & Film” took place, which was also the annual association celebration. Tartars, Germans and people from the Turkic-speaking cultural area met each other. German and Tatar artists or laymen showed different cultural contributions. On the one hand, several students of the Music School Frankfurt am Main, mainly from the class of the teacher Mr. Khachatryan, played selected pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and other German and European composers, on the grand piano and also with violin. Furthermore, the Tatar artist Taslima Nisami, honoured by the Republic of Tatarstan, sang self-composed works. In addition, excerpts from works of famous German and Tatar poets were performed (e.g. Heinrich Heine, Gabdulla Tukay). Finally, as the third part of the festival, the award-winning Tatar film Mullah, based on the play of the same name by Tufan Minnullin, was presented with German subtitles. The film had won prizes at an international film festival and an international Muslim film festival, among others for “Humanism in Cinema”. The screenwriter Mr. Marat Akhmetshin had come to the screening. All guests were served with delicious Tatar pastries and tea.

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