Exhibition & Performances
Cooperation with the Tatar artist Dschamilia Hergenreder & the award-winning singer from Tatarstan Marcel Vagisov

September 2018


In September 2018 a Tatar meeting took place in Frankfurt am Main, where guests could enjoy Tatar music, dances, children’s performances, costumes and pastries surrounded by beautiful paintings. During the performance children played the piano, sang, danced and recited poems. Adults also played music, sang and told the guests about the Tatar culture. The performance of Marcel Vagizov, who is not only a gifted singer, but also an award-winning singer in the Republic of Tatarstan, was also in the centre of attention. The occasion of the meeting was the exhibition of the works of Dschamilia Hergenreder and her father Anvar Nazirov. The works of the artist with Tatar roots and those of her father were presented in September 2018 in Frankfurt. It was a dialogue between father and daughter and a dialogue between genders and cultures. On the one hand, Tatar and Central Asian motifs appeared in the paintings of Anvar Nazirov, while Dschamilia Hergenreder’s paintings were mainly dedicated to her impressions of her new home Germany, especially Erfurt, Weimar and Frankfurt am Main. Many guests arrived the day before the event and were able to get to know or see each other and the city again. Among other things, there was a tour through the historical centre of Frankfurt. A detailed description of the event can be found (in Russian) at https://m.realnoevremya.ru/articles/114141-kolonka-elviry-fritshe-o-tatarskom-vechere-v-germanii.

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