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Tatar newspapers and magazines for Tatar rural libraries

January 2022

Hanim Calendar 2022

January-December 2021

"Welcome to my city and my village!"

May-September 2021

Flash Mob - Day of Tatar Clothes 2021 (Online)

September 2021

Tatar dictation 2021 (Online)

September 2021

International project "30 August - Day of the sovereignty of Tatarstan"

August 2021

Nailya Galyavieva – "Home is the spirit within"

March 2021

The art of Tatar embroidery - Nurislam Siraci

January 2021

Hanim Calendar 2021

June-December 2020 | Frankfurt

Hanim Projects 2020

December 2020

Tatar dictation 2020 Frankfurt

September 2020 | Frankfurt

Project "Matur bulsın"

June 2020

Project "Berençe mähäbbät"

May 2020

SUPER TATAR Rhythm & Ethno Band

March 2020 | Frankfurt

German-Tatar Festival of Culture - "Music, Poetry & Film"

Cooperation with the Frankfurt Music School and the AMKA Frankfurt

October 2019 | Frankfurt

Tatar evening

September 2019 | Leipzig

Tatars visit the Senckenberg Museum

Museum tour in Tatar

August 2019 | Frankfurt

Sabantui Children's Project


June 2019 | Leipzig

Flash-Mob by children

Children from all over the world sing „Tugan Tel“

April 2019

Tatar meeting in the country

March 2019 | Eilte (near Hannover)

Tatar cultural evening

Cooperation with the international doctoral student initiative University of Leipzig

January 2019 | Leipzig

Tatar autumn meeting

Cooperation with Tatarlar Deutschland

October 2018 | Langen

Tatar dictation

Cooperation of Tatars from all over the world

October 2018 | Leipzig

Exhibition & Performances

Cooperation with the Tatar artist Dschamilia Hergenreder & the award-winning singer from Tatarstan Marcel Vagisov

September 2018 | Frankfurt

Nawrus Celebration

April 2018 | Frankfurt

Quest Altin

Cooperation with students from Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria etc.

March 2018 | Frankfurt

Visit of the Tatar theatre "K. Tinchurin"

Culture evening in Bonn

November 2017 | Bonn

Workshop Etschpotschmak

November 2017 | Frankfurt
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