About us

What are the goals of our association?

The purpose of our association is to promote international attitudes, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding and the promotion of art and culture.

The focus of our association is on measures of integration and promotion of intercultural exchange between adults, young people and children from the German, Tatar and Turkish-speaking cultures. The focus is also on promoting women, young people and children in society as well as promoting and carrying out intercultural events, courses, literary evenings, concerts, musical performances, etc. Central aspects of our events are the performance, experience and getting to know the Germans and the Tatar culture.

What do we want to achieve with our projects?

Our projects should enable the encounter and exchange of cultures as well as promote the idea of international understanding as well as art and culture.

Which target groups do we want to reach with our projects?

We want to reach adults, young people and children from the German, Tatar and other Turk cultures, with a special focus on promoting women, young people and children in our society.

What are the core aspects of our association work?

An identity-creating function can be achieved for individual groups. Our events are bilingual (German / Tatar) and strengthen the identity of people from Tatar and Turkic-speaking minorities in German civil society through the performance of Tatar pieces.

In addition to the artistic performance, direct communication and the exchange of all participants and guests of different origins are in the foreground of our events.

As part of our projects, democratic principles and values can be conveyed and opinions can be formed on basic democratic rights and equal opportunities.

What is our work like in Frankfurt?

Promote mutual understanding between Frankfurters and create appreciation for cultural and social minorities. Tatar and Turkic-speaking minorities can present themselves and also come into direct exchange with Germans.

At the same time, we reflect diversity as a social reality through our projects and promote tolerance and respect in urban coexistence.

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